About Us

Monobi is synonymous of fashionable men outdoor clothing All collections have one strong main concept: to instil the rich and wide technological assets typical of garments with more technical purposes into urban items of clothing. Monobi’s mission is to give a more sophisticated and modern form to designer outdoor clothing for men with an intrinsic functionality.

A general criterion of luxury is what orientates and moves the entire project. Luxury considered as a 360* quality: starting with the textiles and materials and ending with the idea of comfortfunctionality and duration over the time of each single mens jacket.

Monobi’s debut on the fashion scene goes back to the autumn of 2014. The brand approaches the marketplace with a collection of outodoor clothing for men, especially rain jacket, trench coats and designer jacket.  

International design + Italian textile tradition

Behind Monobi as a brand, there is an entire industrial structure able to technically support the project both from an organisational and manufacturing perspectives. Monobi doesn’t exclusively translate in a determined aesthetic vision of items created by subtraction rather than addition of details, but also in a factory organisational model. Because of its high-tech features, in fact, Monobi required Beste, the company that owns the brand and author of the project, to adapt and tailor its manufacturing model in order to meet the brand requirements.

That’s how, nowadays, Monobi is not only a fashion collection but also an established manufacturing process that re-interpret the role and the gure of the artisan. Monobi’s men jackets need laser, ultrasonic and bonding machines but also the expertise and the agility of a human hand.

The project, four years after its launch, has an established international distribution and is encountering positive feedbacks both from Europe and Asia.